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10 Fun & Easy Ways to Create Gorgeous Color Palettes For Your Coloring Books & Pages

All the positive hype about coloring is 100% true—it’s relaxing, it’s creative, it’s therapeutic, it’s entertaining, and it’s the rare artsy hobby that is as enjoyable to do in a group as it is on your own. But, let’s be honest: selecting a color palette to color with is…well, an interesting mental challenge at its best and a totally paralyzing, soul-crushing creative nightmare at its worst.  After a lifetime of coloring (I was permitted crayons shortly after turning 2 years old, and haven’t looked back), even I find the process of selecting a fresh color palette for a brand new coloring page a bit daunting from time to time, especially if I’m turning to coloring for stress or anxiety relief. When these moments of color-selection overwhelm arise inside of me I lean on a number of color palette generating strategies to help jump start my creativity and get my brain focused on actually coloring rather than worrying about choosing “the right colors.” Some of these strategies are super qui

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