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A new Free Coloring Page and some further thoughts on the whispers of the inner critic

My new  Free Page  illustration has been ready to share with the coloring universe for quite some time…like, for four months now. But I just haven’t been able to force myself to sit still at my keyboard and compose a companion blog post to go along with this collection of very full and fantastical blooms. And no Free Page goes out into the world to do its good work without a little explanation and creative encouragement from me in the form of a blog post because of the nature of these drawings. Free Pages are very personal lines.   Sure, all of my art is personal—that’s just the nature of creativity—but the drawings I create that eventually become Free Pages not only serve others by being relaxing, fun to color, and inspirational, but they also provide me a great service in either helping me to get from point A to point B  or to process a particularly difficult idea or time in my life . Because the drawing of Free Page lines is itself a form of creative therapy for me, I feel a deep n

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