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Why I stepped away from my public art making-and-sharing life, and why I am now ready to come back

Writing this post is going to be tough because as I type these words I’m not yet through the most difficult challenge life has presented me with thus far, and who wants to read a story that’s only about a third of the way over AND has yet to resolve itself as either a heart warming or heart wrenching tale?  Honestly, I like stories that dare to walk the line between those two emotional states the best, but that is neither here nor there. I’m simply stalling because even after three months of living this new reality of mine I’m still not use to saying or typing the words that I know I have to share in order to move back into my public art making-and-sharing life.  So…here goes: my beautiful, amazing, talented, creative, passionate, hardworking, driven, intelligent, stylish, dedicated, funny, caring (and not necessarily in that order) child, Samuel, has cancer; stage three papillary thyroid cancer to be exact.  This is a snapshot from the longest night of my life that I sent to my partn

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