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How To Create Backgrounds For Coloring Pages With Crayons & Petroleum Jelly (And Solve The Problem Of Too Much Whitespace!)

For months now I’ve been exploring the fascinating combination of two simple ingredients: elementary school crayons (specifically  Crayola crayons ) and petroleum jelly (PJ for short). All the supplies you need for some crayon coloring fun are probably lying around your house! Fancy coloring one of my HCWT colorable cards? Take a look at all five collections HERE . Why Crayons & Petroleum Jelly? I fell down this creative rabbit hole thanks to a question many folks submitted to my Using Petroleum Jelly With Colored Pencils  YouTube tutorial: Does this trick work with regular crayons?  Well, I didn’t know the answer to that question, so of course I had to do some art-science experimenting straight away to find out! My investigations resulted in a super interesting two part art exploration video series over on my YouTube channel .  Part one dove deep into different applications methods of crayons with PJ onto regular adult-style coloring book paper (as opposed to old-school coloring b

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