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Following Curiosity: Watercolor Archeology 101 (yes, I just made that course title up)

(Author’s note: this post is the first in a new blog series I’m calling Following Curiosity. My thought is that it will eventually hold a collection of posts all about the creative tangents I find myself taking thanks to my insatiable curiosity about all things art. I hope y’all find wherever this new blog direction takes me both enjoyable and informative!) A few years ago, my dear friend Toni Davenport (aka  Turtle and Bird Creations ) stumbled upon a plastic baggie (the gallon kind) full of used watercolor tubes at an airport unclaimed baggage thrift store. Thinking a find of this kind would please me to no end, she bought the collection and surprised me with it, adding to her gift the promise that she and I would have an art-play date soon so we could explore them together. Painting with watercolor was something I was curious about at the time, but my experience with the medium was limited (like, I’d only played around with a Crayola watercolor palette with my son when he was a pres

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