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In a Creative Funk? Just Make a Mark!

We all know that  coloring is therapeutic , but when our stress levels rise into the red zone and our minds, as well as our bodies, slip into I-can't-even-ville, even something as soothing, satisfying, and simple as coloring  can feel like impossible work.  This past calendar year (and counting) has been rough on our creativity, and therefore also our willingness to color as a means of self care. Every human being on the planet has experienced an  enormous increase in their stress and anxiety levels since March of last year, so it makes absolute sense that more and more folks are reaching out to me lamenting that they are " not feeling inspired to color and create " as we near the anniversary of living a full year of the social-distancing/lockdown life.  And, as I've been listening to these quite reasonable complaints, I can hear a secret fear in their voices and typed words: they are worried that their creative spirit may in fact be one of the many casualties of this

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