An Introvert's Holiday Wish For The World (and a free coloring page)

Whenever we head into "the most wonderful time of the year," I always feel a little out of step with the rest of the world.

So many parties.
So many lengthy to-do and must-do lists.
So many obligations.
So many expectations.

All of this added on to our regularly-scheduled-programming.

Oh, and a brand new year is rushing up right around the corner, too.

(Just typing this list makes me anxious...)

The pressure to keep up AND slow down at the same time during the holiday season (and I do mean SEASON: it lasts a full three months!) is enough to make anyone crazy, but it is especially challenging for folks on the more introverted side of the social spectrum, folks like me.

Before I go fully nuclear with trying to keep up and keep creating, I've decided to take the last few days of 2018, add them to the first few days of 2019, and create a bit of a break for myself. With this time I hope to recharge my emotional and creative batteries and (fingers crossed) rediscover my rhythm and my workflow post this holiday hurricane.

I may sign off for a few days or maybe even a few weeks, I haven't decided yet, but before I did so I wanted to put something out into the universe for you all, a wish for the end of your 2018 and the beginning of your 2019 in the form of a coloring page:

Zoom in on the purple rings:
...every creature wake to its own rhythm...
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This year has been a difficult for our nation and for many of us personally, too. During such challenging times, it is hard to remember that we are all simply creatures of this world, creatures with unique and beautiful rhythms that must be honored in order to remain healthy. My wish for you all reading this blog post is that you will have the time and space to wake and to work to your own rhythm if not daily or weekly then periodically, and that with that time you will each be able to hear your own life-beats and listen to how your rhythm fits into the larger song of humanity. 

Dec/Jan Have Color Will Travel Free-Coloring-Page-of-the-Month is
a free flowing doodle I created during a particularly stressful time
last spring. These flowers look like cross-sections of oranges to me,
which is probably why I started coloring them in warm yellow/orange shades.
It could also be that I was really craving gummy orange slices, too, a candy
we have right around December:)
A new year offers new possibilities - the next 365 days don't have to be more of the same, especially if the same just hasn't been good enough (but by all means, if your 2018 has been a solid gold hit, I hope you have a replay in 2019!). May this last wave of holiday mayhem before the new year provide you with a smidgen of time to wake as you wish and roll with your days without the push and shove of melodies that aren't of your own making.