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This month’s Free Coloring Page was inspired by next door
neighbor’s creative way of showing solidarity for the people
of Ukraine. He painted simple yellow and blue signs for all of us
on our block to display in our yards. It was a simple creative act
that helped him to process his anger, frustration, and feelings of
powerlessness about this wretched war Russia is waging against
Ukraine. It was also a heartwarming gesture towards his neighbors,
one that united us and made us feel less alone during a difficult time.
It made me realize that with a few simple strokes of my Apple Pencil
(I created this illustration on Procreate) I could give people
a similar experience with this month’s Free Coloring Page. 
I altered the final illustration of my feminist coloring book, 
Feminism Is For Everyone, from being a tambourine image
with the words “Love Will Win” in the middle of it to an drawing
of a sunflower, the national flower of Ukraine, with the exact
same hopeful phrase as its blossoming center. My hope is that this
small creative gesture will do for folks that choose to color it what
the painted signs did for my neighbor and for the recipients
of his signs of solidarity: give them a creative place to process difficult
emotions that will also help them to feel less alone. 

I love coloring with pixels as well as traditional art supplies, which is why
I share my Free Coloring Pages as both traditional and digital coloring 
experiences! Procreate is my favorite digital creative app, so if you love
coloring with Procreate, you’ve found the right illustrator! To learn how to
upload my Free Coloring Pages in Procreate, visit this blog post for
step-by-step instructions.

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Happy Coloring,
💚 Michelle



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