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Coloring For Adults has been all the rage for a few years now without losing any steam, and the reason for this is simple: coloring is therapeutic, coloring unlocks and unblocks creativity, coloring stimulates nonthreatening conversation when done in groups, coloring teaches us things about ourselves and reveals valuable keys to our personalities.

For more thoughts on why coloring is therapeutic, click here for a detailed blog post I wrote on this topic earlier this year.

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In my Coloring/Creativity Workshops all of the above and more transpires as I lead groups of adults through a basic history of coloring, a tutorial of coloring tool options and color theory, and then get folks coloring and expressing their creativity through my coloring book, Doodled Blooms: A Hand Drawn Coloring Book Of Fantastical Flora For Everyone

During my 2 hour workshops curiosity and inquisitiveness are ignited, connections and observations are made, talents and interests are revealed, and a relaxing, creative time is had by all. 

My Have Color Will Travel Coloring/Creativity Workshops provide all the supplies necessary for a unique and memorable team-building and/or corporate retreat experience. 

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  1. Our work department was at a crucial point where gathering together to celebrate, plan and share was integral to continuing positive forward motion. Utilizing the gifts of Michelle was EXACTLY what was needed. It allowed us to have group time, individual time, learning new techniques - but most importantly, this opportunity allowed for us to celebrate, heal, grow and experience renewal. Some colleagues approached this opportunity with hesitancy, but left wanting for more. I would recommend this session especially in the corporate work format.

  2. Michelle created a customized coloring page for our Feminist Cooring Party, a celebration of Women's History Month. In addition to providing this unique piece of art for each participant to individualize and take home, she provided a wide array of materials to explore and encouraged us to experiment. Michelle answered questions, demonstrated techniques, and created a positive environment that no one wanted to leave! I highly recommend her services, both for team-building and personal development.

  3. How or where can I post my art here???

    1. Hello, Adeline:) Thank you for the question! Posting directly to my website isn't an option at this time. I am working on creating a coloring gallery of the coloring art folks create with my illustrations. As soon as it is ready, I will be spreading the news wide for all to hear!😄


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